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Our services

After almost twenty years of serving the community, Accalmie House has become an important resource allowing abused women, and their children, to receive at any time, aid and other services that are confidential, safe and free of charge.

These include:

 ○ A 24/7 phone listening service

 ○ A safe shelter adapted to the needs of women and children

 ○ Support and accompaniment with different procedures (legal, social welfare, etc.)

 ○ Practical support (finding adequate housing, changing schools, transporting    children to school, etc.)

 ○ Referrals to outside services if needed

 ○ Individual or group meetings outside of the House

 ○ Individual or group follow-up upon leaving the House

 ○ Specific interventions for children at the House or elsewhere

 ○ Upon demand, awareness conferences for different groups or individuals    concerned by domestic violence